Friday, May 15, 2009

Almost Science - TIFOD

Tifod is a new term to coin the acronym of "the impending feeling of doom".

This term is a that nagging feeling of discomfort; normally accompanied by paranoia and worse if one does not have a ritual pattern to induce calmness accessible. It can also be a feeling of being overwhelmed by the implications of the scenarios in one's head; when the critic inside paints his dystopia. Even when its obviously just nonsense, the effect is mood altering. The loss of control is an uncomfortable reminder that requires will power to overcome. Eventually Tifod can wear one out as it is like a leviathan that keeps trying to consume more of the mind's resources.

Also a squirrel once told me that the root of the word comes from typhoid fever, but I quickly reminded him that he was just being an oppourtunist with rhetoric.

In a deeper sense though, one would be off beat with the average worldview because Tifod acts as a weight creating density in consciousness that obscures the truth. It can literally act as a black hole and distort in the light sucking everything into it.

The squirrel continued: if your thoughts were on a scale from concrete to abstract, with concrete thoughts represented by the planet earth and abstract ones by outer space, Depression would be when you were thinking somewhere out in space - exploring. And before you know it you're not grounded in the concrete, but the abstract - maybe you were not satisfied with the status quo and liked to dream. Being out there in the abstract, sometimes navigation can be hard and you get into a rut, before you know it the ebb and flow of the universe has you being pulled around by gravity! Do that long enough and you might just find that Tifod describes that point of Depression which would be when you find yourself hurling towards a black hole and watching your escape window get further away as you approach the event horizon.

So I busted a nut and gave it to him because food is life.

In the end, Tifod is a bitch.

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